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Golf Courses In Philadelphia


You know the old saying, “a bad day golfing is better than a great day working”. That’s how golfers really feel about playing a round of golf. There are certain activities or hobbies that can take a hold of a person like that. Over my own life time, I have seen that fishing and golf are two interests that can have that kind of effect on a person. You would rather be golfing or fishing than anything else.

I understand this passion. I also know that finding the best golfing experiences in a big city like Philadelphia can be challenging. That’s why I created this article. Below you will find a list of some of the best golf courses in and around the city of Philadelphia. Finding the best fishing spots in Philadelphia will be the subject of a future blog post.

Before I go on, here are some other articles that will help anyone traveling through Philadelphia on business or pleasure:


Philadelphia was founded in 1682 and is the 6th largest city in the United States and from a population stand point, it’s the 5th largest city. Philadelphia has more history than most people realize and is a wonderful place to live. Now, I could go on about the lasting role Philadelphia has played in the birth and growth of this great country but I will save all those interesting facts for another post. This post is focused on navigating the many different public golf courses available in and around this great city.

The first thing I suggest is that you understand some of the basic geography. The areas that contain the golf courses we are listing fall into one of 5 different counties. It’s a good idea to know where (which county) you will be staying so you best understand where you are in relation to each of these counties. This way you won’t start researching golf courses in the furthest county from your home base. That said, some golf courses will be worth the extra travel if you have the time available.

The 5 counties connected to the city of Philadelphia are:

  1. Philadelphia County
  2. Bucks County
  3. Montgomery County
  4. Delaware County
  5. Chester County

Although there are a few city operated golf courses available and playing those is a good idea depending on where you’re staying and how much time you have, if you’re planning to play golf as a bigger part of your travel through Philadelphia and wanting to play a larger, more “open” golf course, you probably will want to target a course outside the metropolitan area by targeting one of the other 4 counties.

Below are some of the Philadelphia area golf courses worth considering along with some helpful details like contact information and pricing. Remember that like most golf courses in Philadelphia or any other area, prices changes depending on season and even the time of day you wish to play. We will also include (if available) golf club rental possibilities for those debating traveling with your own golf clubs.


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Philadelphia County Golf Courses:

1. Cobbs Creek Golf Course

Website: Cobbs Creek Golf Course
Phone: (215) 877-8707
Email Contact: Not Given
Condition: 7 different courses available
Average Rate: See Website

2. Juniata Golf Course

Website: Juniata Golf Course
Phone:  (215) 743-4060
Email Contact: bwheeler@thejgf.com
Rate Info: Average of $25 per round with cart

3. FDR Golf Course

Website: GolfPhilly.org
Phone: (215) 462-8997
Condition: You do get what you pay for and as mentioned earlier in this post, it’s not easy finding an impressive golf course in the middle of a big city. This course is a little rough so be prepared.

Montgomery County Golf Courses: img-golfball

1. Fairways Golf Club

Website: Fairways Golf Club
Phone: (215) 343-9979
Email Connection: Contact Info
Rate Info: Average for 1 golfer is $39 – More Detailed Info

2. Turtle Creek Golf Course

Website: Turtle Creek
Phone: (610) 489-5133
Email Contact: trezzagolf@aol.com
Rate Info: Average of $50 for a single with a cart – More rate info.

3. Bella Vista Golf Course

Website: Bella Vista
Phone: (610) 705-1855
Email Contact: info@bellavistagc.com
Rate Info: Average fee for single with cart $49 – More rate details

Bucks County Golf Courses:

1. Northampton Valley Country Club

Website: Northampton Country Club
Phone: (215) 809-2997
Email Contact: NVCC email
Rate Info: Single with cart $35 – Detailed rate info.

2. Heritage Creek Golf Club

Website: Heritage Creek
Phone: (215) 674-8283
Email Contact: Tee Time Email Address

3. The Bucks Club

Website: The Bucks Club
Phone: (215) 343-0350
Email Contact: Not Listed
Rate Info: Approximately $65 – More rate info

Delaware County Golf Courses:

1. Springfield Valley Golf Course

Website: Springfield GolfPhone: (610) 543-9860
Email Contact: Tee Time Link
Rate Info: Avg. price for a single & cart is $40 – Detailed Rate Info

2. The Course At Glen Mills

Website: Glen Mills Golf Club
Phone: (610) 558-2142
Email Contact: inquiries@glenmillsgolf.com
Rate Info: Avg. Rate is $65 – Detailed Rate Info.

3. Paxon Hollow

Website: Paxon Hollow
Phone: (610) 353-0220
Email: Unavailable
Rate Info: Avg. Rate is $40 – Detailed Rate Info.

Above is an easy start to all travelers in Philadelphia looking for a good place for a gold outing. We will be posting additional information in upcoming blog articles so we encourage you to bookmark this blog.:


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Golf Courses In Philadelphia

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