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Family Vacation: Laptop Danger When Traveling With Kids

Family Vacation Hassles? This Post Will Help.

You know what it’s like:

You have little Johnny and Janey, the stroller, hats, coats and all the paraphernalia of traveling as a family (whether it’s the Philadelphia airport, Newark airport, or any other busy airport in any major city, USA).  You get to security and now you not only have to take all that stuff off you but the kids as well. Then you have to take your laptop out of your roller bag and put it in its own bin to go through the security x-ray.  Then, at the other end you get everything back, put your shoes back on you, the kids’ shoes on them, coats, hats, mittens, belts and finally, you get the laptop back in the carry-on…Whew!  What a hassle!

Next, you’re boarding the plane, and all the overhead bins above your seat, and even above the ones across the aisle are full.  You’re scrambling to get you and the kids and carryons settled so you can get out of the way, but the oncoming crowd never seems to stop. They don’t even seem to care that you have children. All they care about is getting to their own seats in getting settled.  By this time you’re wondering what you were thinking by booking your family vacation involving plane flights.  You forgot how challenging it really is traveling with kids!

So let’s consider three questions to ask yourself before you pack your expensive laptop:

1.    Do you want your laptop for entertaining movies?  Once in the air you will not be able to access the Internet, so if you have internet-based entertainment, (like Netflix or Blockbuster), you’ll be disappointed.  Depending on battery life, if your laptop plays DVDs you can bring movies to play, but a DVD player is an expensive “add-on” feature when you buy a laptop. Not only that but do you really want to have to pack a whole bunch of movies?  You’re on a family vacation. Why would you want to sit in your room and watch movies on your laptop when the sun and the sand are calling you?

traveling with kids

2.    Will your laptop and other valuables be safe?  Laptops are expensive. If anything were to happen to your laptop on your vacation, what would it cost to replace it and are you prepared to do that?  Most airports, like the Philadelphia airport, are extremely busy.  What if, in the hustle and bustle of the security check you accidentally leave the laptop in the bin and forget it?  Think that hasn’t happened to other parents traveling with kids?  Think again.

Also, most hotels do have a safe but will your laptop fitted? No tablet might just fit in a safe, but if your laptop lover you will want to assess just exactly where are you headed and will you be able to safeguard your computer?

3.    If you are bringing your laptop to do work during your vacation, how easy will it be for you to concentrate on work really? Let’s face it the odds of getting any work done while managing the kids’ needs?  Zero!  Heck, you’ll be lucky if you even get to go to the lavatory yourself, and the chances of both kids falling asleep?  Ha!  Plus, if you’re on a family vacation, why are you bringing work along? Isn’t the whole point of vacation to get away completely?

So unless you really have extreme need or reason to stay connected while taking your R&R, why not leave that laptop, (and your work) at home?  After all, this is a family vacation — and you’ll havea much better time if you just focus on relaxing and having fun with the ones you love.

If you are planning to get away and want less hassles contact us.  We are here to make your trip to and from the airport alot less stressful!

Family Vacation: Laptop Danger When Traveling With Kids

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