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Don’t Gain Weight On Your Business Travels Or Vacation

Who is afraid of gaining weight during your vacation or business travels?

Like most traveling challenges, having a plan, strategy, guide or simply better information will help you with the right solutions.

We may not be the foremost heath and weight care experts in the world but we do understand the business traveler and the leaders of the family vacation (the parents). We have been providing limousine service, car service and executive sedan service to Philadelphia Airport, JFK Airport, Newark Airport and Atlantic City for more than 17 years. This means we have been listening to you, the corporate traveler and vacation traveler for a long time. Just from our direct experience helping with ground transportation in the Philadelphia area for so long, we have a great understanding of your biggest challenges when traveling for business or vacation.

This Corporate Sedan Service blog post was created to offer you some simple guidelines to keeping your weight in check while traveling. We all know how easy it could be to drop our guard while we are traveling and just want to sample every unique eatery between the start of your travels and walking back through your front door. Here are some important realities and things you should be aware of while on vacation or business travels.

1. Airline Food – Did you know that the relative humidity level on the average airline flight is less than 10%? Why is this important to understand? An arid environment makes it more likely for you to become fatigued and this fatigue is one of many conditions that will cause you to eat. It’s simple really… your dehydrated body is feeling weak and in turn is wanting fuel. If you add the bordem that sometimes catches us off guard, the flight and travel time can really work against you especially if you tend to eat when you are bored.

A. The Solution – As I stated previously, have a plan. Know that these challenges are easily beaten by making sure you address hydration. Carry water with you at all times. Drink plenty of water (at least 8oz.) before any flight. Muscle-Tech offers this formula. Bring and drink one 16oz bottle of water for every two hours of flight time.

2. The Airport – If it were possible and made any sense to change the name “Airport”, you might want to change it to “Waitport”. The activities that are quickly related to any airport would have to be waiting, eating, drinking and waiting again. You can see this combination of activities could easily equate to a diet challenge and if you are traveling enough, it can be a direct cause of weight gain. Don’t forget the other emotional connection here, stress. We all know that waiting and flight delays can add to your overall stress and stress plays a major factor cortisol and weight gain. This type of stress also contributes to cravings for sugary and fatty foods. As you keep ready, you can see that there is certainly an argument that can be made that airport travel and airports specifically can be a primary factor in a successful diet and keeping weight off. Maybe the simplest way to make these connections is to understand that in all likelihood, a visit to an airport equals additional calories that day. Who would have thought?

A. The Solution – We know from the thousands of passengers that use our limousine service, sedan service and executive car service to get to Philadelphia Airport, JFK Airport or Newark Airport that packing your carry one with replacement foods are a great solution to this caloric challenge that almost every airport hands you. Depending on your current diet, you can pack high protein items like snack cans of tuna, beef jerky, nuts and chicken salad inside your carry on bag. You can also make it easier by packing protein bars and other items considered a meal replacement.

These are only a small sample of the diet and weight maintenance challenges that cross your path when you travel. If you travel on a regular basis, these brief examples carry even more weight (no pun intended). We suggest as we did earlier in this blog post, to educate yourself about these challenges as much as possible as the more information the better and easier it will be to have an eating plan that fits with your airport travel habits.

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Don’t Gain Weight On Your Business Travels Or Vacation

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