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Cruise Discounts – A Great Family Vacation

If you’re on a budget, a great way to save is to combine important events that will minimize your cost of travel.

Many families live spread throughout the USA, and they plan a yearly family reunion in some central spot all can get to.  But what about you and the kids?  You want to have time away (just you, your spouse and the kids on your own family vacation), and you are thinking how much it would cost to be able to fit both a family reunion, plus a separate family vacation into your vacation budget (not to mention time off from work!)


Combining a family vacation with a family reunion is one possibility you may want to consider!  With great cruise discounts your immediate and extended clan may just be able to pull it all off.

Do you worry about what can keep the kids happy, while you may want to have some relaxing, “adult” time?  Do you also wonder if Aunt Martha or Grandpa will have entertainment, and enjoyable things to do, without having to do lots of walking, or traveling difficult terrain, or even dealing with other various trip hassles?

Consider the cruise.  In so many ways it is hassle-free.  Not only can a larger group get cruise discounts, but you know on a cruise, the entire family of all ages and interests will have tons of fun. Here are some points to consider

*No one has to do the “driving” so everyone can relax.  With ( on Google – put in “cruise discounts,” or “Budget Cruises” into the search bar and voila), you can even affordably take a limo to the airport!  If you have a sizeable extended family group, you may even find group cruise rate discounts.  If you are short on time to research, it may be a good idea to go to a travel agent who specializes in cruise groups for family vacations, corporate teams, and the like.  Some of the major cruise lines will have agents who are happy to assist you and do the “leg work”.  They know what they have available.


*No one has to plan the food and cooking, it’s done for you (gourmet cuisine – fresh ingredients and choices for those on special health plans)

*No one has to be an “activities director”!  If you’re typically the coordinator for your “crew,” you’ll love that activities are already planned by the cruise line.


*Everyone can separate and still be safe, be relatively nearby and have an amazing time.

When it comes to planning a family vacation on a budget, combining events is just one creative way to go.  But you may find that cruise discounts are so good you can afford that for just your immediate family, and still have money left over for other trips.  Another great resource to tap into is Budget Travel “Ideas” section.  With some research and careful planning, you’ll be amazed how much affordable fun there is to be had.

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Cruise Discounts – A Great Family Vacation

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