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Corporate Travel Planners: A Free Executive Car Service Checklist for You!

by Annette Leahy on Oct 25, 2017 12:20:18 AM

Corporate Travel Planner Checlist

Having provided executive transportation services in the Philadelphia area since 1996, we have grown to understand the nature and requirements of our valued business travelers. And regardless of whether transportation is needed for small business gatherings or large-scale corporate conferences, there’s one thing that always remains the same: corporate travel planners have a lot of tasks on their plate.

So, in an effort to provide a source of convenience for the many travel planners in the Philadelphia area, we are happy to offer a free executive car service checklist; a valuable tool for executive assistants whose responsibilities include booking ground transportation for your company’s staff, executives and associates.

The Executive Car Service Checklist

Booking an executive car service for your business or organization requires gaining access to fast & easy online rate quotes, ability to reserve online, and accurate, up-to-date travel information — around the clock, on a moment’s notice. If you're a corporate travel planner in the Philadelphia Tri-state area, you most likely don’t have a lot of extra time on your hands for research to locate and compare the most suitable executive car services that meet your corporate travel needs.

There is no shortage of executive car services in the area competing for your company's business, and so much information to cover — determining which transportation provider will best suit your company's needs can be frustrating, particularly if you’re short on time and resources.

Philadelphia area executives expect top-notch transportation for the right price, at the right time, and with the right experience and credentials to ensure a reliable and cost-effective executive car service solution.

This is why our comprehensive executive car services checklist is so valuable; we want to help you focus on getting all the right answers to all the right questions, while using the most effective and time saving tools available.

So many factors come into play as to which car service will be the most suitable and reliable for your corporate executives and company visitors, but there are some foundational points that are simply non-negotiable – so this is where we encourage you to begin your decision-making process.

By sorting out those executive car services that don’t make the right marks on your master checklist, you can instantly eliminate inferior executive car services and spend your remaining research time far more effectively by allotting more extensive consideration only to those services who have passed your initial ‘test’ by meeting your critical list criteria.

Here's a brief overview of some critical executive car service evaluation points:

  • Researching Guidelines - Longevity and transparency speak volumes.

  • Private Service vs. Shared Ride - Unraveling the mystery to tip the scales.

  • Technology Considerations - With today's available tools to automate and guarantee accurate accounting and reliable transportation services, why waste time with any company not using the most up-to-date, cutting-edge technologies?

  • Social Media's Effect On Your Decisions - What you can learn from the "global microphone"

  • Availability Considerations - How to make sure your executive car service has the flexibility to be onhand when YOU need them.

  • Security Policies - As a travel planner, your top priority should be the safety of your company's travelers. Do not leave this one to chance!

  • Responsibility Issues - How to determine whether punctuality and consistency are as important to your executive car service provider as they are to your company.

  • Vendor Performance - Evaluating skills, commitment and customer service.

Corporate travel planning can certainly be a challenge, on SO many levels  but don’t let your executive car service selection be a stumbling block in your planning processes. The right service provider will reduce stress and costs while increasing efficiency and flexibility. You only have to find the right ground transportation provider once  then you can grab a free rate quote for transportation, and you’re all  set to cross it off your list so you can shift your focus to other all-important executive assistant tasks.

Get Your Free Executive Car Service Checklist Here...

We appreciate the level of commitment and energy required of today’s corporate travel planners, and we are happy to provide this executive car service checklist, (in addition to the free rate quotes, cutting-edge travel planning tools and online accounts we offer), to help Philadelphia area executive assistants avoid many of the pitfalls of finding just the right ground transportation service for their companies.  

Enjoy this time-saving checklist to give you a head start… it’s totally free!

Simply click the button below to download your executive car service checklist now:

Click Here for a FREE Checklist

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