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Planning the Perfect Philadelphia Girls’ Night Out

by Maureen Condon on Jan 23, 2015 11:27:00 AM

Planning the Perfect Philadelphia Girls’ Night Out

What’s your idea of a great night out with the girls in Philadelphia? Well, that depends on what you and your friends like to do most. For foodies, that night might be a gourmet dinner at a four-star restaurant. Wine connoisseurs would love a private tasting experience where they could sample and learn all about new or hard-to-find vintages.

Girls night out

For the culture vultures, a trip to the symphony or the opera is in order. Art lovers would jump at the chance to attend a private reception at a 

gallery or a special function at a museum. Readers would pack the local bookstore to meet a best-selling author and buy an autographed copy of that person’s latest work.

What about sports fans? Depending on the season, that perfect girls’ night out might involve a baseball, basketball, football, hockey, or soccer game. Fans of live music would want to be front and center at a concert by their favorite singer or band. If you believe that laughter is an essential ingredient, then that girls’ night out will take place at the area’s hottest comedy club. And let’s not forget the wildly popular “paint nights” – there’s an idea that combines wine and art (and probably laughter as well, depending on how much the wine impairs your painting ability)!

The point here is that your girls’ night out in Philadelphia can be whatever you want it to be. Think of the things that you and your girlfriends already enjoy (besides spending time with each other, of course). Maybe there’s something new you’ve always wanted to try out. Now, make that perfect girls’ night out happen! You’ve got some planning to do, but luckily, you’ve already picked the city where it’s going to take place. Here’s a roundup of sites that offer great resources and ideas for planning a fabulous night out in Philadelphia with your girlfriends:   


If this helpful site were a college course, its title would be “Girls’ Night Out 101.” Philly Mag’s “Best of Philly” is packed with recommendations that cater to just about any interest you can think of. It even features its own annual “Girls’ Night Out Awards” that come complete with descriptions of the award-winning activities and links to those venues’ own Web sites, for easy researching, planning, and booking. This site has it all.


The Drink Philly Web site will help you find a fun and funky bar or restaurant that will keep everyone in your group happy. Are you the “lucky” person who’s in charge of deciding where you’re all going to meet up for your Philadelphia girls’ night out? Does even the thought of bearing that important responsibility make you break out into hives? Who needs that kind of pressure?! (This is supposed to be a fun night, remember?) Let Drink Philly do the work for you. Bonus points for the site’s expert (and often hilarious) recommendations, tips, and observations. 


Here’s a great resource from Eventbrite: this site is essentially a compendium of invitations for events, attractions, and functions that have already been branded as a “Girls’ Night Out” in the Philadelphia area. Dates, places, times, event types, and venue names are right there for you to see. Click on the ones that interest you and girlfriends, learn more, RSVP, and buy your tickets. What could be easier than that?


So far, we’ve offered you some sites that act more as information hubs or event directories. Here’s one that’s really interesting and event-specific: a Girls’ Night Out at the Philadelphia Flower Show. Now, before you think to yourself, “Flowers shows are for grandmothers,” think again. This not-to-be-missed night, which is taking place at the Philadelphia Flower Show, gives you and your gal pals exclusive access to more than 30 of Philadelphia’s luxury retailers brought to you by Philadelphia STYLE magazine. Plus, did we mention the FREE food and beverage samples, raffle prizes, and health and beauty tutorials you’ll enjoy? Pretty flowers, retail therapy, and lots of swag – what’s not to like?


How about getting in touch with your creative side on your girls’ night out? Have you always admired those artsy folks who make their own beautiful necklaces, earrings, and bracelets? Never thought you had the talent for that kind of thing? You’re wrong! Beadworks in Philadelphia loves teaching people how to make their own jewelry. Their site features a calendar that is packed with jewelry-making classes for all interest and skill levels. Class participants receive 20% off all purchases made the day of their class. Here’s a great opportunity to do something really different with your girlfriends and learn a brand-new skill. Who knows: you might even become so inspired by your new-found creativity that you launch your own Etsy storefront. It could happen…

These sites are a wonderful starting point – you’re bound to find other useful ones as you explore our suggestions. Philadelphia is the perfect destination for a girls’ night out, whatever your idea of “perfect” is.

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