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10 Ways to Wow Yourself (or your team) by Being Organized

We know travel can be stressful for those booking for outside salespeople and road warrior executives, because if one little thing is off, somebody is going to come to you asking why exactly that was the case – even when it’s not necessarily your fault. Remember that time when your vendor made you look bad?


So, what exactly is your plan for ensuring you don’t book the same mistake twice? Do you have a list of favorite hotels, restaurants, and travel service providers that’s easy to manage and keep the best at the top and the worst to the side?

I don’t only want to help make your ride better, but your entire travel experience, so my team put together this great Travel Management Tool! An easy-to-use spreadsheet created in excel that keeps everything organized during the scheduling AND travel!


Use it to establish and easily reference preferred vendors, utilize loyalty programs, and once everything is booked, reference an easy snapshot of the trip as a whole.

1. Keep preferred travel vendor details organized – easily access your car service, airline, hotel and rental car contact information, website, and location.

2. Keep preferred leisure vendor details organized – easily access details relating to your favorite entertainment destinations like movie theaters, concert halls and parks and even keep restaurants organized. We recommend adding notes about cuisine, if it is casual or high end, and if it is kid friendly or appropriate for a business meeting. Don’t forget to note local business or friendly contacts so you aren’t scrambling for someone’s name and number at the last second.

3. Easily reference account information for all vendor needs – We all know it is difficult to remember the numerous passwords you use on a regular basis. Keep them save and organized for each and every account.

4. Track reliability and price information for all preferred vendors – Give your business to vendors you can trust. Use the easy 5 tiered rating tool to track reliability and cost for each vendor. Don’t forget to change these if your opinion of the location changes!

5. Keep loyalty program details at your fingertips for easy reference – Remember that program or card you signed up for 3 years ago and never use? Load in your program details to this tool so you never forget to utilize them again. Track status level, member number, log in details and even any applicable credit card and account formation so you can take advantage of the perks that you were interested in when you signed up!

6. Provide a travel itinerary snapshot for up to 6 travelers after arrangements are made with the Booking Organizer – Multi-traveler logistics have never been so easy. Add traveler information, travel dates, airline and flight information for departing and arriving flights, hotel name and reservation details, as well as car service name and reservation details. Don’t forget to print the snapshot for yourself to reference and we recommend you save as a PDF to email to all traveling parties so they can easily reference from their phones. Not sure how to save an excel spreadsheet as a PDF? Follow these three easy steps:

                     1. Select File & Save As

                     2. Choose PDF from the drop down menu for file type

                     3. Rename the file as you see fit. For example: John Doe_Travel Details_05.24.16

           7. Print out the Vendor Tracker tabs for easy reference at a moment’s notice – Be mindful of private or sensitive information found throughout the document and especially on the Loyalty Program Detail tab if you are printing the entire workbook. Don’t forget to add your company logo to the designated area on each spreadsheet. Adding your branding to something not only makes you look like a marketing superstar, but shows that you are about your business and brand standards. You must be extremely organized if you have time for that!

8. Save the Travel Management Tool to your desktop for easy reference and editing – No more digging through files on your computer or email for bits and pieces of information. Simply open your one-stop-shop Travel Management Tool for all your travel organization needs.

9. Repurpose this helpful tool for all cities you are traveling to or organizing travel for – As a default, the tool automatically caters to folks in the tri-state area, but by no means are you limited to using it here. If you plan travel to places around the country or world, we encourage you to save this tool as Travel Management Tool_{insert city or area name}. That way you can have multiple master documents at once and still easily organize travel for multiple people to lots of destinations.

10. Check out the Corporate Sedan Service website regularly for interesting things to do in Philadelphia, travel tips, and updates to this tool – We spent time building this tool to make your lives easier, but it doesn’t stop there. You are always top of mind and we will never stop working on ways to make your travel experience the best it can be.

Keeping organized can be a challenge, especially with all the moving parts related to travel.

Save this blank version and make it your master Travel Management Tool. Start loading notes into the Travel and Leisure Vendor tabs, and remember to update it regularly with new preferences. Track down loyalty program details and add them to the Loyalty Program Detail tab and don’t forget that once you have used the tool to easily and efficiently book travel, you can add high-level travel details to the Booking Organizer tab to keep everything organized in the days leading up to and on travel days.

Safe travels!

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10 Ways to Wow Yourself (or your team) by Being Organized

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