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Beginners Guide for Airport Travel

by Admin on Feb 26, 2019 2:16:20 PM

You’re going on your dream vacation, so what’s there to be stressed about!? If you’re traveling alone for the first time, airport travel can be very intimidating.

But, don’t let that put a damper on your upcoming trip! Corporate Sedan Service, the leaders in corporate transportation in PA, have put together a brief guide to airport travel so you’ll be ready for your first time in an airport!

 Before Booking

  • If you’re traveling abroad, make sure to have the necessary visas for the countries you will be visiting. If you don’t, the airline can deny boarding, or you may be denied entry into the country when you arrive.
  • Check for travel advisories for your destination to see if they are safe to visit at this time.

Arriving at the Airport & Departing

  • When you book your flight, you'll be told the flight number. This is a useful thing to remember so keep it written down or screenshot the confirmation on your phone.
  • When you arrive at the airport, never leave your luggage unattended. Unattended luggage is considered a security risk and may be confiscated.
  • Look for a departure board, which will tell you where to check in to your flight. Go to the right desk and hand over your passport (if you need it for your trip). Airport staff will weigh your checked luggage (luggage that travels in the hold of the plane). If you have a connecting flight in your itinerary, always check if you need to collect it during the stopover or it goes all the way to the destination.
  • Take your carry on luggage if you have any and go through security.
  • Look for another screen telling you which gate from your plane will board and the time it will be boarding. It's always easier to arrive at the gate well before the boarding time to avoid any stress, but feel free to use the restroom or eat if you have enough time.
  • Upon arriving at your gate, you’ll need to show your boarding pass and sometimes passport before being boarding the plane.

The Plane

  • Find your seat - which is listed on the boarding pass stub or online check-in.
  • If you have carry-on luggage, put it under your seat or place it in the overhead bin.
  • Sit down, buckle in (or wait for the flight attendants to show you how) and relax! Sometimes there are delays in which you may be sitting on the plane for a while, so get yourself as comfortable as possible. Bringing a neck pillow or blanket is recommended for traveling long distances.

For more in-depth travel tips, check out our free Q&A E-book of Ultimate Travel Tips.

This book is filled with useful travel tips and fascinating facts that can’t be found anywhere else. You’ll find more tips to make airport travel more comfortable and faster, hidden dangers and travel locations to avoid, interesting tales about famous landmarks, recommended travel destinations, and more!

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